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6 tips to teach you extend product life

Jan 19, 2017

1. Shun without rubbing shampoo: when washing your hair, first in your hand rub the shampoo foam, and then evenly on the hair, gently stroked his wash from top to bottom. Don't bend over for a wash.

2. Hair Conditioner: because it follows is true, with the right amount of conditioner to make hair more smooth, not easy to tie.

3. With a dry towel dry, two Combs: packages, pushing wet hair gently with a dry towel. Best preparation for a big tooth comb, comb, it is best to grasp the connection with one hand and tie.

4. Down flow hair dryer hair, try to maintain a constant temperature: If large volumes are hot, hair drying swim in air and wind shield. Straight hair to control air flow, smooth hair flow blow sideways angle.

5. Wig needs regular care: professional wigs wig store, could be back on a regular basis with professional cleaning agents to clean. If the shop bought, can use a moisturizing shampoo. Soak your hair in cold water for a few minutes, once the water drip 2 drops of shampoo, mix things up with his hands bubble is good, finally placed in a ventilated place natural shade.

6. Shun FA standing spray on hand: receiving and sending one of the uncomfortable but not much hair, especially after wind, more worried more comb is not suitable, annoy, it is easy to catch. Is much more convenient with Shun spray in hand, dredge with his finger.