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Comprehensive Handbook of wearing hair products

Jan 19, 2017

Short haired white-collar is smart capable, shoulder-length hair makes women in love and tender weekend put on a colorful wig will make you a star in the party, colorful wigs makes urban women become pretty woman, and trying out new hairstyles risk-free.

Currently available in wig and processing delicate, like real hair, can be applied to work, outings, banquets and other occasions. If you go to the salon to do hair, and more expensive, to dozens of Yuan to hundreds of Yuan at a time but is not a small expense. And time-consuming, at least one or two hours, then three or four more hours, the hair is kept for only 10 days and a half months. While perming hair for a long time, is not conducive to hair care and maintenance. Wig styles are not only colorful, and the price is not expensive, hair 60 Yuan, long hair about 80 Yuan, a little more expensive but also more than 200 Yuan, one-time investment you can wear for years, usually care very easily, save a lot of trouble, meet the people pay attention to economical and practical psychology.

Wig main constituents are polyester, polyester, wool, mixed, cotton wool, nylon, hair, silk, leather and so on.

Wig worn in the best position

When you select a wig, first make the wigs, the same size as the wearer's head. Too little pressure, affecting the blood circulation of the head, causing headaches, dizziness and other phenomena too much insecurity, in the model on the basis of appropriate, depending on the width of the forehead, to wear it in the appropriate position. Broad forehead, a long Court, wear a wig when the edge is slightly down, with a certain amount of curtain foil; narrow places, court short when wigs edge slightly upward, but should not be too up, set aside a small amount of hair foil curtain.