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Did you know how to use and maintenance of lace wig?

Jan 19, 2017

Dai Lei silk hoods have many advantages: one is very realistic, good decorative effect; the second is a wig comb, can change your hair in a short amount of time, without human help; three is you can try a variety of different hair design, match different fashion, wearing a wig more favor. So, buy a wig and how to use and maintain it?

A lighter, combing action. Wig before use should be combed, wearing fake hair to comb it. Combing wigs generally use more sparse comb as well, method of combing wigs to be oblique side comb, not straight comb, and much lighter.

Second, do not use the hair clips. In order to prevent the wind from blowing the hair products run, some people like to use hairpins wig. However, and not too hard. Otherwise, bad wigs of easy NET. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips, can use decorative ribbon on the wig hair fixed.

Three, washed without rubbing them in their hands to twist. Always wear hair, washing a two or three months is appropriate. Before washing, use a comb comb a wig, with diluted solution wash conditioner side Combs. Not rubbing twisting with both hands, not to wash in detergent foam wig. Apply hands to gently smooth the hair rinse bubble above, and then to dry and avoid exposure under the Sun.