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Hair products in the consumer market

Jan 19, 2017

Under the influence of economic factors such as income levels, consumer attitudes, wig world consumption show the following characteristics: European and United States markets to products made by people with higher prices mainly African markets were mainly in the lower-priced synthetic hair products. Hair products consumption in its infancy in China, stages of development and has not yet formed a consumer climate, the domestic consumer is primarily compensate for physical defects and wear; development will be subject to consumption in the domestic market, economic growth;

1, consumer groups: mainly white are black consumers, consumer groups, other consumer groups, and so on.

1) black due to physiological reasons, naturally curly hair, close to the scalp and unmanageable, and which grows extremely slowly, seriously affecting black women's pursuit of beauty. In order to create beautiful, black women to use the wig has the traditional consumption habits and, as products with non-durable consumer goods and life-cycle characteristics of short, necessities adorned hair has become black women and black wig market is the largest group of consumers, in particular the United States and Western Europe, economic conditions for black women in less developed areas, almost all the wigs. Black consumers according to their physiological characteristics, spring main selection process, chemical fiber wound by a hair and beauty salon-new hairstyles.

2) white consumers is based mainly on changes of clothing with different upscale wigs, lace wig, and a lot of people usually have a number of different styles and different color headdress, changed to fit different needs. White high spending power, mainly residents in developed countries in Europe and America, they wear wigs products primarily under the influence of tradition.

3), other consumer groups, including the pursuit of fashion consumers, consumers in special trades (such as lawyers, actors), physical defect Group (less hair, short hair, hair loss) and cosmetology schools.

Region 2, consumption and market capacity

By region:

Many countries in the world as a fashion wigs, so that products made by the international market demand for an annual increase rate of more than 20%. Hair products consumption regions of the world are mainly concentrated in North America, Europe, Africa and other places. 、

1) hair products in North America is the largest consumer market, the size of the market scale of international hair products accounted for about 60% 2000-2002 United States hair product imports at 43368,50306,58356 million dollars, respectively, with an average annual growth of more than 16%, (IPO instructions), according to United States Customs statistics of foreign trade statistics, from 2005 to 2007 United States hair products imports separately for millions of dollars, trillion, billion USD, with an average annual growth of more than 16%