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Hair products, industry trends

Jan 19, 2017

With economic development and national income levels increase, more and more people pay attention to and the pursuit of quality of life, hair products will become essentials, hair products industry has a broad space for development. In addition, the diversification of consumer preference and high-grade are favorable factors for the industry, but also the industry one of the main driving. With the gradually increasing market demand and derived demand for materials and labor will also increase, human resource constraints and labor costs are negative factors influencing hair product industry development.

From now on, consumption of products made by the global financial tsunami on impact and the impact on the export of products made by China's view of United States economic development. "I personally think that wig consumer thread will not change. "Henan Rebecca hair products company limited of Mr LU said. He said that high income people's consumption will continue, low-income wig consumption cycle may be extended, as in the past to half a month of spring will be extended to 1 month. Consumer's pursuit of beauty will not change.