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Selection of wigs and hair products, maintenance tips are what?

Jan 19, 2017

Wearing a wig is a stylish, is also a good way of protection of the safety and health of the scalp, particularly skin allergies, thinning hair and wigs better than hair dyes have an advantage.

Wig into full and half sets of two, wearing a full set of wigs can create their own favorite hairstyles, braids, zhamawei, etc. Wear half wig you should be aware that real coordination with wigs, wig cannot be shorter than the original hair, against Temple, having the right perspective, to achieve genuine results.

Wigs made from rayon, distinct from the longer hair on the scalp and easy dust sticking together, on the scalp health. Wig should therefore note regular cleaning or comb out sticky dust on the wig. Half months once wore a wig. Cleaning first wig in a basin containing a small amount of shampoo for 5-10 minutes, and then gently rinse, comb-a thin comb stuck on the dirt from the wig, do not wring the rub. After washing tap water with a dry towel, then comb to the hair, place the shade to dry, avoid sun exposure and use a hair dryer to blow dry. Long hair on the scalp can be the body's supply of nutrients, and wigs are no nutrition, protect the wig's normal luster, after each and every wash and rub a little oil on the wig. When the wig when not for a long time, should be vertical to the box after cleaning or model head with plastic wrap, either keep the original style, and avoid dust and bacteria, must not optional folded or saved under my clothes.