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Teach you choose according to facial hair products

Jan 19, 2017

Features designed not directly linked to the success of the hairstyle and facial defects, hairdressers should try to make up for, such as: high nose, low nose, big ears, small ears, wide eyes, narrow eye margins.

(1) the high nose: when styling, gentle combing the hair around the face, the distance from the side hair and nose can be reduced;

(2) low nose: on both sides of the hair should be combed back, hair and nose distance;

(3) big ears: not crew cut or short hair, should cover the ears long hairstyle, and fluffy;

(4) small ears: ears not clip hair, thick hair should not be too much, so clips keep ears, long applied when edges look back decorative hair clips;

(5) wide hole distance: hair should be fluffy, not stay long straight hair;

(6) narrow eye distance: asymmetric hairstyles can be made on both sides, symmetrical Sau Chi hair hair resting on the side of the face, hair and put it behind my ear on the other side.