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Treatment of alopecia areata with hair products any good

Jan 19, 2017

Hair loss elements, psychosocial and personality factors of influence, it was known as alopecia areata "psychogenic alopecia", b heart disease treatment, alopecia areata cure, many patients mostly having psychological factors can be cured, but there are individual cases of repeated attacks and uncured. If psychological distress, mental burdens and lose confidence in treatment of progressive is bound to cause symptoms of add, in this case, patients can wear a wig, and alleviate the mental burden, this treatment will help.

On the, due to wig to scalp Shang heat increased, makes local blood cycle improved, blood flow increased, thus nutrition material and oxygen also increased, to for hair of again sent provides has favourable conditions, individual patients wearing wig Hou, hair loss local occurred itching, and fever, reaction, but while, is makes scalp vascular expansion, Council back: "liquid cycle volume increased, may stimulus germinal cell, promote hair growth.