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About Hair Products, Materials And Textures

Jan 19, 2017

Horse-hair wig is one of the most commonly used material for manufacturing a wig of many materials, in different times, in different materials, some wigs have the specified materials for specific purposes.

In ancient East Asia, using people's real hair to make wigs, some with a thread of manufacture or mix the two. Higher proportion of more expensive, and the more advanced. In ancient Egypt, ancient European human hair removal, a horse (with horse-hair mane and horse), wool and other animal hair and plant fibers are commonly used false material, which made human hair is the most expensive. Modern wigs, in addition to the traditional natural materials, and chemical fibers such as rayon and nylon, fiberglass materials, there is a mix of real and artificial hair. Human hair is not permed black hair dye to the best and can be dyed in different colors, and is easier to style. Some advanced artificial in appearance, texture, color, SAG, and so have less hair, but some cheap wig is rough, distortion, nor engaging.

Due to has development area of people many are has Perm, and dye sent, as manufacturing wig of people sent more in China city, and India and Southeast Asia, development in the area made to India southern Ann have pulled State of dilupa mention Temple visits of India followers regular to donated himself of hair show pious, Temple in total employed has 600 name Barber for believers cut sent, each across days on success tons of hair from Temple of warehouse shipped out, sent to another a big city Chennai of factory in for processing, finished export to United States, and France, Western national. Temples which annually exports 90 tons of hair, gained revenues of more than 300 million rupees. 2000 statistics indicate that United States hair products on the market have an adult material from India.

Artificial hair in Japan Kanika LUN (kanekalon, industry, also known as "KK") the best, price is also the most expensive. Followed by Korea fiber hair "k", "m".