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Hair Bundle Fluffy Feeling

Jun 15, 2017

Hair fluffy thick hair, hair increased the texture of the transparent, Hair Bundles light and charming, very beautiful!

Hair tips level short hair to create fresh handsome hair

Gentle hair bundle level, is definitely MM favorite beauty hairstyle, full of air.

Hair design with a hairpin twist roll fixed hair bundle, to create the basis of hair hair is twisted and fixed with a card. In a small amount of hair bundle twist, with a card can be simply completed. In order to better enhance the durability of hair, Hair Bundles the main point is the way to insert the card.

To the bottom of a circle twist curl hair bundle, to enhance the soft and natural shape effect

Take the bundle apart, with your fingers from the hair root began to twist down the bottom. The outside part of the neat and smooth to create a smooth feeling.

To the top of a circle twist curls, Hair Bundles to create a lively style of leisure

Respectively, take the hair bundle, starting from the hair root up a circle twist roll. Upward twist the hair bundle root must have fluffy and three-dimensional sense.

In the ear above the twist the fixed hairpin and twist the hair bundle parallel to the insert.

(1) twist the hair bundle and clamp with the card

With the short side of the hair card against the hair bundle, long side along the scalp inserted hair bundle.

(2) parallel to insert the card until the hair root will be issued and twisted curls parallel to the root hair into the root, will be inserted firmly.

(C) in the ear under the twist fixed

Will be issued back to the vertical 180 degrees after the hair bundle.

(1) Insert the front end of the card from the top into the hair bundle and twist the hair bundle down. Hair Bundles Insert the front end of the hairpin from the top to the bottom.

(2) from the bottom of the card inserted into the hair bundle clip hair bundle at the same time will be issued 180 degrees back into the hair root.