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Hair Bundle Highlights Sweet Impression

Aug 16, 2017

Casual loose and loose long hair volume, you can bring the hair with a sense of sexy and cool, in the manufacture of mature charm, this element will be cleverly integrated into the hair style. With a bunch of three strands as the soul, rolled up the rear part of the hair bundle, and the rest of the hair, to the side, to create a loose random hair bundle, to create a unique style of the plate. For girls who like the soft style, Hair Bundles you can put both sides of the hair bundle down to the cheek Department. To create a small face effect, while adding a bit romantic atmosphere, so that the overall image is more charming and lovely, princess temperament show no doubt.

1 will be divided into the upper and lower parts of the two parts. In the rear center position, remove a hair bundle, the three series, keep the hair part. Then reverse the three shares, will be rolled to the back of the head position, and with a card to be fixed. Pay attention to keep the hair when the focus point, Hair Bundles to avoid the left and right imbalance.

2 about equal to the bottom of the remaining hair bundle. Will be the previous plate of the three strands as a base point, the lower part of the rear part of the hair bundle, the same way to coil, Hair Bundles and with a card to be fixed. The fixed position is set to the outside of the three strands after twisting. Slightly adjust the curling out of the hair, to organize it to the plate up part of the available card fixed for the next step to do a good job pave the way.

3 will be the rest of the hair bundle in one place, with the hair to take care of the dynamic with the hair.

Put down the top of the hair bundle, Hair Bundles pulled out to the left, just overshadowed the previous part of the plate. In the left side of the ear on the ear position, to be reversed, and fixed with a card. Finally, the use of matte hair wax, this part of the hair bundle slightly pulled out to create fluffy, free hair bundle feeling, brewing a trace of coolness in the summer. Both sides can also be set aside a hair bundle, Hair Bundles highlight the sweet impression.

4 done

Spring and summer season, the girls like to twist the hair after the hair into a hair bundle exposed neck, fresh and nice. Xiaobian to teach you to make the following twist off the hair beam more beautiful look more three-dimensional approach, the basic skills are these!


1 hair bundle to maintain the state up to twist. The same time as

2 twist tightly after a little stretch.

Step one: 2 sets of hair bundle twist or 1 shares hair bundle twist

Pick a hair bundle, in order to avoid the root of the drum, the direction of the back of the brain can be tightened twist.

The hair bundle is divided into two shares. Toward the posterior side of the brain were crossed to the hair tip.

Step two: will be twisted after the hair bundle press live in the hair bundle surface from the bottom up into the hairpin fixed.

Step 3: Pull the hairpin in step 2 up. Insert the root of the hair bundle after twisting, Hair Bundles close to the hair at the hair to be fixed.

Step four: press the hairpin fixed with the hair bundle, pinch a small amount of hair pulled out and pay attention to adjust the sense of balance.