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Hair Bundle Of The Fixed Method

Jul 25, 2017

Twist-off hair bundle showing three-dimensional sense


1 hair bundle to maintain the state up to twist. The same time as

2 twist tightly after a little stretch.

Step one: 2 sets of hair bundle twist or 1 shares hair bundle twist

Pick a hair bundle, in order to avoid the root of the drum, Hair Bundles the direction of the back of the brain can be tightened twist.

The hair bundle is divided into two shares. Toward the posterior side of the brain were crossed to the hair tip.

Step two: will be twisted after the hair bundle press live in the hair bundle surface from the bottom up into the hairpin fixed.

Step 3: Pull the hairpin in step 2 up. Insert the root of the hair bundle after twisting, Hair Bundles close to the hair at the hair to be fixed.

Step four: press the hairpin fixed with the hair bundle, pinch a small amount of hair pulled out and pay attention to adjust the sense of balance.

Full of feminine charm of the star fluffy high ponytail hair want to release the inner charm of women and lovely? This hairstyle can make you full of vitality in the office, Hair Bundles but also show a gentle temperament. The hair bundle in the same direction to the first rotation, and then fixed with a U-shaped clip, so that the remaining hair bundles romantic loose down, you can immediately become the most popular office star! In particular, it has an advantage that is able to hide your round face.

Wreath-like charm gorgeous buns rich Paris-style hair is not a trace of straight hair bundle, with a soft and smooth straight line to the hair together, like a star-like dancing dance, flexible and beautiful, create a beautiful silhouette. Not only to modify the facial lines so that peace and soothing, Hair Bundles erected hair also appears round and lovely. Face to stay a bunch of swaying hair, secret lazy charm makes people feel full of aura.

Oil-like elegant gorgeous curly hair horsetail tail can also be gorgeous debut, will help the tail all the hair volume, hair tail volume can be soft throughout the hair. Hair Bundles Because it is to show a sense of bulky, so do not need to use the hair bundle fixed, as long as the black hairpin can be, naturally fluffy head can make the face contour fuller type.

Easy to jump the notes clean ladies half a hair made of this hair and princess wind half plate hair structure similar to, but increase the scraper step so that the whole more fluffy, Hair Bundles in addition to reverse the way to light, fixed point also prison, but also with stereotypes liquid , It will not have too many scattered hair, so that loose hair and not chaos, and the hair can be used when the two sides of the mirror side of the edge to adjust the outline of the contours of the hair on both sides of the ear, , Revealing a beautiful face, reflecting the image of a clean lady.

Gentle and warm style of light beauty plate made of beauty modeling, do not mistakenly believe that the hair is the mother-level age is suitable, in fact, slightly loose plate hair, noble still reveal the youthful sexy.