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Hair Bundle To Make The Shape Of The Eye Index Higher

Sep 28, 2017

Hair bundle is not like a rubber band, it is the kind of wide, ringing.

Hair bundle, hair spray at the hair root to shape. So that the hair bundle appears vertical with a sense of air, so as to maintain the overall sense of weight.

Do not join the level, but to create a "surface" concept, Hair Bundles so that hair beam flow to the smooth, turned with a glossy shape. At the same time the choice of color is not angry warm color system will not let the hair appear dry.

In order to make hair bundle to produce a sense of gloss, Hair Bundles or to give hair bundle full of nutrients. Shampoo, the use of hair care hair care, you can make the effect doubled.

Oblique bangs and temples modified face, and braids and twisted hair bundle to let the short hair is more chic, and blue hairpin to make the shape of the eye index higher.


Step 1: hair combed, divided into two layers, Hair Bundles with the hairpin temporarily fixed above the hair.

Step 2: the left side to take a small bundle of hair for hair, fixed with a black rubber band. The same operation is done on the right side.

Step 3: both sides of the pigtail back to focus, Hair Bundles slightly bent tail with black hairpin fixed.

Step 4: the top of the hair down, to reverse with a black hairpin fixed, and finally wear a small black hairpin on the finished.

Oblique bangs also Xiuyan face-lift, twist hair bundle half bar to add personality, Hair Bundles light blue hair with fresh and moving, also have to enhance the function of the eye index.


Step 1: the head hair bundle to reverse, with black hair card up fixed.

Step 2: Take a small bunch of hair next to the ear and twist it with a hand.

Step 3: will be twisted hair bundle fixed after the head position and just the hair bundle together.

Step 4: the right side of the above operation, Hair Bundles and finally with the card to its fixed.