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Hair Care For Hair Weave Tangles

Sep 09, 2018


Buy detangler, which will soften the hair when applied generously.Take a wide-tooth comb and gently comb through the tangled portion of hair. There are a number of products to choose from.Be sure to avoid detanglers with alcohol listed as an active ingredient;these will dry the hair and make it more prone to breakage and damage.You can create a natural detangler by mixing the following ingredients.It is best to use natural products on synthetic hair. 

8 oz. distilled water

1 tsp. aloe vera gel

1-2 drops glycerin

1-2 drops essential oil

15 drops grapefruit seed extract

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is another useful product that helps to untangle hair. It is best used on human hair. Mix a half-and-half solution of water and conditioner. Apply the solution generously to the tangled hair and comb through using a wide-tooth comb. Wide-tooth combs untangle the hair without damaging the strands. Smaller-tooth combs wil literally rip the hair out of its track position. If you prefer natural products, mix the following ingredients for a great conditioner.

1 avocado, peeled and mashed

1/2 cup coconut milk

Mineral Oil

Mineral is excellent for untangling weaved hair; however, it does not work well on synthetic hair. Apply oil to synthetic hair makes it heavy and unnaturally shiny. Oil is also difficult to wash out of synthetic weaves. On the other hand, washing oil out of a human hair weave is fairly easy. Because mineral oil works so well, it does not have to be applied as generally as a detangler or conditioner. Apply a small amount of mineral oil to the tangled portion of hair and comb through it using a wide-tooth comb. Mineral oil is a natural product and can be found at your local natural foods market or vitamin store.