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Hair Extension Attention To What

Jun 01, 2017

Is widely considered to be the best wig in the world's long hair extensions. They are really human hair from the temple in India, they are naturally indistinguishable from your hair naturally. They can style and color the same way as real hair, let you change your appearance completely free. Because they are of high quality, very long hair extensions also extend over most other types of hair. If you want to make your investment worth it, you have to take good care of your hair extensions. Appropriate maintenance not only makes your hair spread longer, Hair Extensions it can also make them look brighter and shiny. Here's how to keep your tips long hair: hair extensions to the general care of the app after a while, you may notice a small hair that is trapped in the amount of hair in your hair extensions. This is a common occurrence, it should not be seen as hair from the scalp hair extensions removed. Hair Extensions You can ask your designer to cut the target to minimize the entanglement in the bond field.

Before you go to bed, you should tie your hair in a soft ponytail so that it will not be tangled when you are sleeping. It is recommended that you use a long pillowcase. This pillow is made of satin, which is specially designed to extend your hair to more freedom to move in sleep. After applying your hair extensions, your hair stylist will ask you to return the checkout to the salon, two weeks later. Make sure you will not miss the appointment because the designer substitutes has not been properly resolved. If you feel uncomfortable or experienced bonds delay your application after the extension of the hair, you should try to get help from a certified technician. Hair Extensions Bathing is very important and you do not wash your hair with shampoo at least 48 hours after receiving a great length of hair extension service or repair service. This is to ensure that the bonds will have enough time to resolve the expansion will not slip after contact with the cleanliness of the chemicals.

Avoid the use of dandruff shampoo or other products that contain sulfur shampoo hair extensions. The best thing to do is use the product. These products are specially designed to improve the appearance, condition and longevity of your hair extensions, and they can be made in any hair salon and make every effort to provide services. Make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle. When you take a bath, Hair Extensions you have your hair tilted backwards, from top to bottom, wash your hair spread. Washing your expansion at the same time down may cause confusion. The use of your expansion conditions. You should be detangling your hair to expand, avoid the scalp area and the lower half detangle. It is recommended that your shampoo and conditions you extend at least once a week. After you bathe, use a lot of space to reverse the water to create the perfect acid-base balance for your hair to expand. Hair Extensions To dry your hair, wrap it around a great length of superfine headwrap or towel to remove the water. Use a blotting motion to sweep the bill when drying out and make sure the base area is thoroughly dry to prevent bond breakdown. If you blow the dryer to dry your hair, you should use a low or medium heat, switch to the lens when the cooling is fully dry.