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Hair Extensions To Choose Their Own

Aug 04, 2017

The expansion of human hair is considered a great gospel, especially for women who do not have perfect hair, due to various reasons. Because they do not have a beautiful hair, there must be a reason to worry about. But due to the beauty salon, hair extensions to such a woman can now connect to the new hair to expand to the existing, thus extending or simply increasing its volume. Hair extensions increase the beauty of people with natural hair less in the center of the various attraction.

Expanded hair in a few minutes how to take care of people to expand However, Hair Extensions human hair extensions, hair extensions should not be done during the process. It is going to be the implementation of the expert, who has the knowledge and enough training to extend the hair. They have the ability to adapt to the hair extensions, it will appear in this way the nature and improve the beauty of the people.

Hair extensions and available types Choose a perfect fit for the individual and make her beautiful.

Suitable for facial hair extensions is a good hair extension. For example, Hair Extensions if you are square face, suitable for multi-level hair extensions or waves to soften your edges and corners.

Know your face can help you choose the right wise hair extension. To determine their own face, first of all hair to the back of the head. And then on the mirror, Hair Extensions with lipstick or butter and other easy to wash and bright things along the face of the week in the mirror marked a circle.

1 round face: round face soft lines, forehead slightly wider chin, cheekbones slightly wider than the forehead and chin.

Round face suitable for slightly over the chin of the stratified long wave, Hair Extensions fashionable layered wave head, Qi Liu, or shoulder shoulders long hair.

Curly hair or wave, the ball head thick thick oblique bangs, Hair Extensions or exaggerated long bangs are round face a good choice.

To avoid the long and dull classic wave head.

2 side face: square face is characterized by wide head, wide cheekbones, wide chin, angular

Cut hair, you can choose a shiny long hair and from the chin position began to stratify, long before the short wave of the wave head, there are irregular layers of modeling, or the eyes of the bang are good.

Modeling, you can try to curl, Hair Extensions or simply put all the hair into the back of the head after a horsetail or ball head, revealing your beautiful jaw.

To avoid the rigid Qi Liu or Qi long wave head, they will look more face.

3 oval face: oval face and round face is somewhat similar, but not a round, but oval. Egg face face soft, usually forehead and chin the same wide, slightly wider cheekbones.

The goose's face can almost control all the hair extensions. So the goose's face is done to find the bright spot on the face and then highlight it with the hair extension. Hair Extensions If your chin line is very good, with a little slope of the wave head to set it off. If the eyes are very beautiful, Qi Liu or oblique Liu will make it more eye-catching.

Similar to the French Baotou like the hair is also very suitable.

4 heart-shaped face: heart-shaped face usually chin and narrow, wide forehead, cheekbones and forehead as wide, or a little wider than it.

Oblique bangs or Qi Mei Liu Hai can be very good to remove your attention from your chin. At the same time clean and agile short hair is also a good choice. But want to avoid the length of the piers of the layered wave.

Modeling, the proposed tilt back to the plate hair, so you can make the head of the hair look more.

Do not turn the hair back to the meticulous, this will appear your head is flat.

5 triangular face: triangular face just and heart-shaped face opposite, chin wide, forehead small, angular

Triangle face suitable for exaggerated oblique bangs, probably to the mandibular position, or fluffy short hair, or to the length of the clavicle and long hair.

Tie a fluffy horsetail, so that the hair naturally scattered on both sides of the face.

Do not shave your hair backwards, Hair Extensions and you need to cover your face with broken hair.

6 diamond face: wide cheekbones, chin and forehead narrow.

It is recommended to use thick straight bangs with the length of the chin around the wave head like short hair, which makes your chin look more full of a little.

There are bangs, you can tie a high horse tail or ball head.

Pay attention to the middle or can be high head hair extension.

7 long face: the proportion of the whole face is basically the same, forehead cheekbones chin almost as wide as wide.

Qi Mei Liu Hai, oblique bang or chin length of the wave head can visually increase the width of the face. Short hair is more suitable for long face, Hair Extensions long hair will make the face look longer.

Curl or wave shape can increase the width of the face.

The length of the hair below the clavicle is not considered within the range of expansion.