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How To Build A Hair Bundle?

Jun 01, 2017

Hair fluffy thick hair, hair increased the texture of the transparent, light and charming, very beautiful!

Hair bundle too straight

For straight hair people, "curly hair is difficult to achieve", "even if the use of curly hair bar is also difficult to shape" and other troubles. Want to create a sense of weight to how to do it?

Countermeasures 1: pruning the level of use & hair styling agent to enhance the sense of elegance

For those who are not shiny and easy to break hair straight hair, Hair Bundles because it is difficult to curl, so in the surface to create a sense of hierarchy, the use of wax to take care of the elegant and easy to shape.

Countermeasure 2: After the start of the injection molding agent

Grab the hair bundle, in the hair root using spray-type wax to shape. So that the hair bundle appears vertical with a sense of air, Hair Bundles so as to maintain the overall sense of weight.

Countermeasure 3: Use the digital perm to let the hair bundle start from the root

Will completely eliminate the shape of the perm perm for flat straight hair. Hair tail to join the curvature of the overall shape is natural and fresh.

Troubles 4 hair beam without shiny, no angel halo

"Looking forward to the glittering angel of the aura, but how to do it?" In order to worry about the girl, Hair Bundles now teach you the secret.

Game 1: choose no level & dark warm color for the best

Do not join the level, but to create a "face" concept, so that hair beam flow to the smooth, turned with a glossy shape. At the same time the choice of color is not angry warm color system will not let the hair appear dry.

Action 2: home care essential hair care treatment steps

In order to make hair bundle to produce a sense of gloss, or to give hair bundle full of nutrients. Shampoo, Hair Bundles the use of hair care hair care, you can make the effect doubled.