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Send Bundles For Your Beauty To Contribute More Power

Nov 03, 2017

Hair bundle is a necessary hairdressing gadget for women, but is the hair bundle in your hand still playing the role of fixing the broken hair? For the vast number of women to bring hair bundles of 16 of magical, easy to play beauty only the hands of a small beam to make the best use.

Hair Harness Magical 1. hair all day perfect: Select a large hair bundle, the end of its opening along the direction of pulling the beam in the back, and then rotate 180 degrees to make the direction of the beam openings and beam directions to become consistent, Hair Bundles and finally push the beam to the back of the brain to ensure that it has firmly fixed the hair. By learning this little trick, hair bundles can be cleverly hidden under the hair at the same time as the fixed hairstyle. Of course, Hair Bundles it makes perfect practice a few more times.

Hair Harness Magical 2. Dry Hair Shampoo Spray, Hair bundle firmer: Spray a little dry hair in its interior before using the beam shampoo will enhance the grip of the beam. This refinement is especially useful for fixed hair endings.

Hair Harness Magical 3. The inverted beam, Hair Bundles the curved edge of the wave enhance the grip: the beam of the smooth side of the grip is naturally not curved that good. If it feels like it's slipping in your hair when you're using the hair beam, try inserting the curved side into your hair.

Hair Harness Magical 4. Fixed plait tail, the beam effect is big: will plait hair tail dozen A knot to insert the hair bundle to be fixed to guarantee that the plait will not disperse. Get rid of the elastic band, Hair Bundles the whole more fashionable.

Hair Harness Magical 5. Temples, highlighting the charming face: mixed-blood supermodel Chrissy Teigen (Clithy Tengen) at the 86 annual Oscar presentation ceremony of the wave of hair style, its stylist Pucciarello to the media revealed the modelling tips: the use of two hair bundles on both sides will be fixed to the ear, Hair Bundles Not only cleverly hid the hair bundle, the hair also does not slide casually to destroy the overall modelling.

Hair Harness Magical 6. Fixed braids, hidden beam convenient and easy to use: The plait side of the hair to pull to the head, take a beam of the opening to face to their own, from the other side of the plait oblique inserted after the plait, using the hair of the beam between the hair will be fixed braid.

Hair Harness Magical 7. Rotating hair bundle, hair beam skillfully fixed: Want to clip both sides of the hair and do not want to reveal hair beam? A small trick can help you to achieve: After the hair bundle is twisted with a hair beam from the back of the oblique upward push, twisting hair can cover the hairpin. If you are concerned about a hair bundle that is not securely clamped, choose a large hair bundle or a hair bundle to be fixed.

Hair Harness Magical 8. Skillfully with the hair bundle, cover the ponytail: After the ponytail, cut enough to cover the rubber band of a strand of hair around the top, and finally with the hair beam from the bottom fixed can.

Hair Harness Magical 9. Hair bundle Change hair ornaments, so the shape: Hair Bundles to play their own creativity, the use of different colors of hair beam in the shape of the hole, triangle, x shape, and other shapes, chic new DIY hair ornaments may not become the highlight of the hair.

Hair Harness Magical 10. Styling hair bundles, fixed broken hair good helper: if the braided or other hair styling found a lot of disobedient broken hair run out, a beautiful hair beam can be solved.

Hair Harness Magical 11. Get rid of the loose ponytail, hair bundles do support: After the ponytail, from the upper side of the tail of the ponytail into a hair bundle, and then slightly adjust, Mawei will become fluffy and stereo.

Hair Harness Magical 12. Hair bundle makes the curls more durable: After the use of curling, while the heat is still in, quickly the various parts of the hair bundle up with the hair bundle, and so on, hair cooling, the curls will not be easy to straighten.

Hair Harness Magical 13. Increased hair volume, side ponytail more elegant: Let the side of the ponytail overall look more full need to first of the brain of several distribution bundle hair, Hair Bundles and then slightly after finishing with the hair bundle fixed can be.

The magic of Hair bundle 14. Long Hair change short hair, hair beam to create a wave head: The two sides of the hair to the appropriate length after the beam clamped, long hair can instantly change body wave head.

Hair Harness Magical 15. Hair Bundle Beauty Manicure tool: Simply use the tip of the hair beam to dip the nail polish and then easily draw the desired pattern on the nail. Hair Bundles While pasting false eyelashes, you can use the tip of the hair beam to evenly apply the glue to the back of the false eyelashes at the junction.

Although the hair bundle is small, the usefulness is many, the beauty of you may as well use the empty sugar box to receive it, lets the hair bundle for your beautiful contribution more strength!