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The Decorative Function Of Hair Bundle

Sep 18, 2017

For long hair women, the use of a variety of hair bundles can be used by the appropriate bundle of hair to make the hair neat and beautiful beauty, but also by the hair beam decorative appearance to enhance the visual beauty of the appearance of hair.

In order to enhance the decorative effect of hair bundles, mainly in the body 1 ' surface by painting, baking paint, electroplating ... A number of ways to carry out surface pattern processing, Hair Bundles so that the appearance of the beam has a bright aesthetic decorative effect, but the surface decoration pattern must be the user in the bright place to highlight its appearance, if the user in the case of insufficient light, the hair beam is lost its decorative function.

When Christmas Eve, New Year ... When festivals, Hair Bundles in order to enhance the festive atmosphere, the general people often wear a luminous effect on the head of the hat ornaments to enhance the night decoration effect, and the acquisition of the beam because of the lack of night decoration function, resulting in the user must again wear light hat ornaments.

The feminine glamour star feels fluffy tall ponytail hairstyle want to release inner feminine glamour and be lovely? This hairstyle can make you lively in the office, Hair Bundles but also show a gentle temperament. Rotate the beam to the same direction, and then fix it with a U-shaped clip to let the rest of the beam fall romantically and instantly make you the most popular office star! In particular, it has the advantage of hiding your round face.

Waltz-like charm gorgeous bun rich Parisian style of the bun is not a line of hair beam, with a gentle smooth line of hair to concentrate, like a star of the dance, flexible and graceful, to create a gorgeous silhouette. Not only can modify the face of the line to make it gentle and soothing, Hair Bundles the vertical bun also appear round and lovely. With a bunch of swaying hair in the face, a secret lazy charm makes a person feel full of aura.

The elegant and gorgeous curls of the oil painting ponytail can also be gorgeous debut, will help a good tail hair roll, hair curl can soften the entire hairstyle. Because it is to show the sense of swelling, so do not need to use the hair bundle fixed, as long as the black hairpin can, Hair Bundles the natural fluffy head can make the face contour more plump and type.