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The Method Of Making A Three-dimensional Method

Jun 30, 2017

Spring and summer season, the girls like to twist the hair after the hair into a hair bundle exposed neck, fresh look good. Xiaobian to teach you to make the following twist-style hair bundle more beautiful look more three-dimensional approach, Hair Bundles the basic skills are these!

Tips: 1 hair bundle to keep up the state to twist. 2 twist tightly after a little stretch.

Step one: 2 sets of hair bundle twist or 1 shares hair bundle twist

Pick a hair bundle, in order to avoid the root of the drum, the direction of the back of the brain can be tightened twist.

The hair bundle is divided into two shares. Hair Bundles Toward the posterior side of the brain were crossed to the hair tip.

Step two: will be twisted after the hair bundle press live in the hair bundle surface from the bottom up into the hairpin fixed. ,

Step 3: Pull the hairpin in step 2 up. Insert the twist after the hair bundle roots, Hair Bundles close to the hair at the hair to be fixed.

Step four: press the hairpin fixed with the hair bundle, pinch a small amount of hair pulled out and pay attention to adjust the sense of balance.

With the hair bundle to create fashion hair styling, with the hair bundle to create a cold beauty, and will not cover up the workplace women clever, smart side, but rather both both fashion and sexy, it is suitable for dress like a cool dress.

1, according to the principle from top to bottom, Hair Bundles all the hair into four equal parts, respectively, with a rubber band temporarily fixed.

2, release the head of the bangs hair, will be down after the stroke into a circular arc with a small invoice fixed.

4, followed by the release of the second aliquot, the third aliquot, the fourth division of the hair, twisted into a strip "bud" after the hairpin with a fixed.

5, in order to better fixed "bud", may be appropriate to spray jelly water, the way finishing tattered hair, Hair Bundles this hair is completed.