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The Method Of Sending The Beam To The Stereo

Jul 12, 2017

In the spring and summer season, girls like to twist their hair into hair bundles to reveal their necks, refreshing and good-looking. The following small series to teach you to twist the hair beam more good-looking and more stereo method, the basic skills are these!


1 The beam remains in the upper state to be screwed.

2 twist a little tighter and then pull it loose.

Step one: Wring 2 strands of hair bundle to or 1 strands

Pick 1 Hair bundle, in order to avoid hair root on the drum, you can be more closely in the back direction of the brain twist.

Split the hair bundle into 2 strands. Cross the direction of the back side of the brain to the tip of the hair.

Step two: Press the beam after the twist, Hair Bundles and insert the hairpin fixed on the surface of the beam.

Step three: Pull the hairpin up in step 2. Insert the root of the bundle after twisting, and fasten the hair close to the hair.

Step four: Press and hold the hair beam fixed by the hairpin, pinch a small amount of hair pulled out and pay attention to adjust the balance of the whole.

The gentle hair beam layering sense, is absolutely mm most loves the American male hair, Hair Bundles the air feeling is full.

Boys ' hairstyles are very masculine, and the different layers of hair are picked up, while the other part is moving forward, and the hair styling in different directions makes boys look more energetic.

Oblique fringe men's short hair, from the top of the level of the diffuse feeling very fashionable, handsome bearing the idol star.

The supple diagonal fringe and the top of the layer cut design, Hair Bundles let the whole boy short hair hairstyle, less than a few arts fan, more handsome taste.