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Jan 19, 2017

In Chinese Opera, wigs were "outfits" (costumes, props collectively) in the "head" (head accessories) part, which belongs to the "soft head", one of the many kinds of theater, they wear a wig performance. Useful these wigs made of real hair, also top made from ox hair, coarse thread, yarn, etc.

Actor (including health, and net, and late, and ugly) of wig has full top (will whole head full package live), and half top (head align ear back part), half top wig outside left of part called "head tablets", refers to temples and beauty pointed of sent tablets, by cheek of place will yellow rubber be sticky posted, by head of place is with hairpin or hairpin fixed. Different characters have different wigs. Sometimes with different style wig caps, such as when the poor wretch will take on dissemination. Hair, hair, baby hair, and so on. Hair is also called water, used to show the role of panic, anxiety, fear, despair, and even crazy emotions. And can said different of image as hair, and earned, and diukuixiejia, and unkempt,, mummer performances Shi often will hair continuous swinging to show characters by stimulus and struggled of body reaction, so has "dumped sent" of name, except styling zhiwai, is a special of dance tool, mummer to using head and neck of time tie specific of roll skills dancing dumped sent to description mood, called "dumped sent work". Middle-aged and older men can wear called "rankou" false beard, rankou shapes, colors represent the role of identity and character, fiddle rankou action can also be used to express emotion, called "rankou work".