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Wig Purchase Method

Jan 19, 2017

1, and judge whether the content of a wig fashion, depending on the designer's eye level. Many Korea and Japan's hair stylist, focusing on popular variety of factors.

2, see hair quality wig hair is the most important factor.

3, see mesh Cap accessories hairstyles can wearing comfort, durability also depends on the mesh CAP and accessories. From global procurement of various mesh CAP and accessories, focus on the best raw materials.

4, see mesh Cap standards as we all know, the head of the European and Asian Heads of very large Asian face generally wide, vertical depth. Collect tens of thousands of cases of Chinese data, suitable for Chinese mesh CAP, into a wide shallow depth.

5, see additional services when wigs are not worn, with "prop" will not damage the hair. Many use hair wigs, accessories are not good enough, and therefore does not support Designer, advocates like wigs hair care and cleaning. [2]

6, see service wig is also, therefore, the return policy of the implementation of the national provisions.